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Secret sports superstitions

The legendary Serena Williams ties her shoelaces uniquely, wears shower sandals to the court and the same pair of socks throughout the match. It’s no surprise that if professional athletes are superstitious, Northwood athletes would be too.

Clothes bringing luck is a popular belief throughout many sports, such as football. Football has been having a successful season so far, and other than intense practices, some believe here might be another way to keep it up.

“Our coach believes we should keep wearing our grey jerseys because that’s the jerseys we’ve won in,” junior Xavier Cousar said.

Some Girls Golf players also have lucky clothes, as well as ball markers and ball numbers.

“I only use balls with odd numbers and I also reuse tees that I hit really well off of for good luck,” senior Michelle Du said.

Aside from superstitions about physical objects, it’s also important to encourage your teammates. Wrestlers do this a special way.

“As a teammate is going into the match to wrestle, we put our hand on their back and shout their name for good luck,” sophomore Megna Chalamala said.

Girls Water Polo also has a pregame ritual that gets them ready to play.

“Our coach will pick one girl to say ‘Northwood on three’ and then she’ll count to three and we all scream ‘Northwood!’ into the gutter of the pool before we have to line up on the side to sprint,” freshman Ainsley Zapata said.

Along with a positive team attitude, individual optimism might be part of the reason members of Girls Basketball play well.

“If one of my teammates and I don’t say ‘we’re gonna win’ before a game, things don’t go well,” junior Amanda Endres said.