Sadie’s with a splash!

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Sadie’s kicked off with a gym packed full of Hawaiian shirts, bright lights and chart-topping music on March 16.

“Northwood dances are notoriously the best across all of IUSD and this Sadie’s was no different,” senior Carah Hwang said. “As a senior, this Sadie’s held a ton of sentiment as it was time to say goodbye to informal dances. It was a really fun time for the Senior Class to get together and sing our hearts out one last time. The bittersweet feeling as I looked into the crowd and realized that we were the oldest class made it seem as though our four years had slipped by so quickly.”

The beach-themed dance offered students a short hiatus from academic life with a photo booth, DJ and best of all, a chance to create their own unique beach-themed outfits.

“As the Sadie’s theme was Surf’s Up, my group of friends and I decided to go as different browsers because we were ‘surfing the web,’” junior Viren Abhyankar said.

“It was really awesome to see the different groups who might not have gotten the opportunity to interact outside of an academic setting do so in a fun way,” Hwang said.

The Sophomore Class Council spent countless hours formulating the best Sadie’s theme and planning the pre-dance festivities.

“Planning the dance was really fun, and being able to brainstorm themes and be a part of making the photo backdrop was really cool to see in the end how it all came together and how creative people got with costumes,” sophomore council member Roei Hatzor said.

Unfortunately for the creative costumers, Sadie’s is the last informal dance of the year, but luckily there’s still one left—Prom on May 26!

“Having a blast at Sadie’s with my fellow upperclassmen made me even more excited that Prom festivities are just around the corner,” junior Katrina Lloye said.