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Rooting for your favorite

The clock ticks down, three seconds left on the clock and—he missed it! What does he think he’s doing, that klutz? I could’ve done way better. Heck, I could’ve made that shot in my sleep.

Such is the beauty of watching sports. Not only do spectators get the opportunity to root for their favorite team and connect with fellow fans, but every fan is empowered to believe that each and every one of their opinions matter. Every team needs the support of their loving fans, no?

And if that isn’t enough, sports fans also get to ride the roller coaster of emotions along with their team. This applies to anyone, from fairweather fans, who vicariously feel a sense of achievement in the face of their team’s success, to die-hard fans, who tie their emotions to their team’s every triumph (or pitfall).

Sports also make great social events. From quoting statistics to prove “your” player is better to trash-talking your friend’s favorite team, there’s a special kind of brotherhood that comes from the discussion of sports. After all, what’s more fulfilling than one-upping your best friend and showing him who’s the smarter sports fan? (I mean, your team won, so of course you know best, right?)

So whether you’re a seasoned fan or someone who’s just started following a sport, there are plenty of reasons to continue to support your team by religiously following every game. After all, without their cheering fans, how would any sports team be able to triumph over their opponents?