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Pints for Patients: Red Cross holds blood drive

Northwood’s Red Cross Club held a blood drive on Monday, Jan. 12, allowing student volunteers to donate blood for transfusions with the national Red Cross organization. About 30 Northwood students participated in the drive, donating approximately 30 pints of blood altogether.

“It was my sixth time donating blood,” said senior Seiya Ono. He added that he’d donated every chance he had since turning 16, saying, “I just like the feeling of knowing I helped someone, even without knowing who they are.  And I like to get out of class.”

Each pint of donated blood was given to hospitals for use in medical transfusions.  Since blood cannot be harvested or artificially created, it can only come from volunteers.

“The thing about blood drives is that even if only one person donates blood, it allows approximately three people to live,” said sophomore Stephanie Lim, one of the blood drive commissioners. “Through our blood drive, each participating Northwood student was able to save multiple lives!”

Teen donors are required to be at least 16 years old and weigh 110 pounds to donate; however, Northwood students under 16 were still able to support the cause by volunteering within the club. Red Cross members visited junior and senior TAs to recruit volunteer donors for the blood drive, and a Facebook event page was created to distribute information.

“I was very happy with the way things turned out,” said junior Justina Chang, president of the Red Cross Club. “Without the dedication and passion of our board and volunteers, we wouldn’t have been able to continue the blood drive tradition.”

Those who signed up to donate blood received free food and a Northwood Red Cross shirt after their donation.

Students who didn’t get a chance to participate in this event still have an opportunity during the American Red Cross Club’s next blood drive, which will take place in March.