Paving their own yellow brick road

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After throwing their caps into the air, and bidding one last farewell to the majestic oak, most Northwood students choose to study an academic major, or go to junior college and later transfer to one. However, this year, a few seniors are not following the traditional yellow brick road. Instead, they are making their own road, quite literally through different forms of art.

One Northwood actor is getting ready to tackle performing on bigger stages.  Senior Akash Seeramredi was accepted to Pace University, majoring in BA Acting International Performance Ensemble.  

“I honestly could not see myself pursuing anything else,” Seeramredi said. “I mean I do like studying other things in the STEM field, but of all the things I have been a part of, acting is something that has always made me feel the most like ‘me.’”  

Senior Sam Martinez feels happiest when she’s baking up a new masterpiece. Martinez will be majoring in baking, pastry and food management at Johnson and Wales University after taking a gap year or two.  

“Taking a culinary class at Northwood helped me realize my love for food and making people happy with the food I make!” Martinez said. “One of the best feelings is knowing you made somebody happy with something you made with love.”
Always remember that “the world is always looking for more creativity,” according to senior Sydney Huynh. With a major in pre-art illustration at California State University, Long Beach, she said she hopes to one day work at Disney or Pixar. She said she wants to work in the production phase of film and media arts, which includes visual development art & character design

“I’ve wanted to be an artist ever since I was a kid,” Huynh said. “Majoring in art was always an important decision I knew I was going to make in the future.”

These seniors, along with others, have very exciting journeys ahead of them on the road less travelled. Before they venture into the next chapter of their lives, they have some words of advice for their fellow students.

“Don’t worry when other people are worried about taking all the APs and getting the best grades possible,” Martinez said. “Real experience is what really will help shape your future and help your confidence in the industry.”