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ASB election recap

This past month, Northwood’s ASB hosted elections through which students voted for next year’s ASB representatives. The election results were decided after tallying up schoolwide votes and hosting an Election Convention. Junior Katie Im won the post of ASB president, while junior Deepika Chandrashekar won

Springtime: a playlist

In the case of spring, a change in seasons means sunnier skies, warmer temperatures and brighter music. Here is a playlist that will melt away those winter blues and encourage you to sit back and relax under the spring sun. Here Comes the Sun –

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Irvine’s spring break

Spring Break. Just those two words call forth a rush of memories, some enjoyable, some thrilling and some downright appalling. But as we drag ourselves back to the uniform routine of school work and responsibilities, the excitement of that wild week still lingers. Seven nights

The tragic reality of Spring Break

The majority of us probably didn’t accomplish as much as we planned to during the fleeting week of Spring Break. Here are some cases that may seem familiar to you: Your mom told you that your family will be going on a vacation out of