Oakfest IV: Friday night lights and music

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Lights, cameras, music! The club See Northwood Live (SNL) hosted its 4th annual Oakfest on March 23, featuring live musical performances from high school students around Irvine and the band that won Jason Derulo’s “Best. Cover. Ever.” competition.

“Oakfest is really, at its core, a student celebration,” SNL president senior Derek Kim said. “It was created to bring students from different schools and social groups together for one night of just pure fun and I think we did that.”

With twinkling miniature light bulbs strung around the Oak casting a warm glow on the scene, students like sophomore Sasha Anand came “to relax and enjoy some great music with friends.”

“I think the environment was super relaxed,” Anand said. “The lights on the Oak and the decorative stage background were aesthetic and set a calm ambience.”

Admission was $7, and upon entering, food and merchandise were offered to attendees. All proceeds went to Make-A-Wish, a nonprofit dedicated to granting wishes for children with life-threatening conditions.

Northwood’s Jazz 2 kicked off the performances for the evening, featuring “Avalon” and “The Chicken.” Jazz 3 played the songs “Strasbourg St. Denis,” “Confirmation” and “Dream” right after.

Several other students were featured, including sophomore Sam Santiago, seniors Ashley Chiang, Ameen Basithand, Derek Kim, Katie Smith and Wesley Park.

Soon after it got dark, Sundive, a band with Woodbridge seniors Wesley Park, Rohit Dutta and Tony Maquiling and University senior Bennett Kidder performed. The group played Shü Metal music including some of their original songs such as “Banana Milk” and “Aphrodite.”

In the last hour of the festival, Undecided Future took the stage. Band members Matt Isaac, Matisse Pasillas, Cole Frederick, Hayden Lykoski and Nick Stone all graduated from Orange County School of the Arts. They announced to the crowd their recent victory: the chance to perform a duet with singer Jason Derulo.

As this was their third time performing at Northwood, drummer Matisse Pasillas said his “favorite part of Oakfest is the people.”

“The energy of the crowd is so intense it creates an adrenaline high that makes our show really fun to play,” Pasillas said. “The audience is the most important part of our show and Oakfest really understands that, we love to make parties of our concerts and they really help with that.”

Undecided Future performed their original indie pop songs “Superfine,” “HMU” and “Intoxicated” as well as a couple of classic favorites. Matt Isaac, the lead singer, said that they get inspired by seeing people take in the fun and positivity that they bring to every show.

“We want nothing but to make the world a better place and we have the blessing to be able to do that with music,” Isaac said. “To us, nothing is more beautiful than seeing the world dance together.”

Although SNL will not be holding other major events this year, club applications will be available soon. Interested students can attend an upcoming club meeting held every Friday for more information.