NTV Orange County Film Festival

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With only 24 hours to spare, NTV students scripted, directed, filmed and edited a music video for the The 24 film contest on Dec. 2 to Dec. 3.

From 3 p.m. on Dec. 2 to 3 p.m. Dec 3, Northwood filmmakers and broadcasters prepared and finished a music video set to Hudson Taylor’s “Battles” for The 24, a film competition run by the Film-Ed Academy. High schools all over Orange County participate in this competition with the hopes that their videos would be nominated for the Orange County Film Festival.

Inspired by the passionate and vengeful lyrics of “Battles,” NTV students, directed by senior Matt Shaffar, scripted a story about a girl who suffers and overcomes the trauma of sexual assault.

“The song was dark and fast-paced, and the lyrics were very intense,” senior Tiana Garcia, head writer, said. “I wanted to reflect that in the music video, so the story is about a traumatizing event that drove a young child to insanity.”

To bring the script to life, NTV students casted multiple guest actors, including seniors Brandon Rex and Maya Maragay, and utilized multiple settings, lightings and camera angles.

“As assistant producer on the 24-hour film, my work was primarily in translating the creative visions of the director and practical plans of the head producer into a schedule that is crucial to guiding the execution of such a time-sensitive project,” senior Ashley Wu said. “I also worked closely with the head producer to supervise casting, locations, production design and more. Efficient producing was particularly important to this project because NTV was required to write, produce, shoot and edit a formal music video within 24 hours, which doesn’t allow the loss of much time to disorganization and mistakes that the time limit invites.”

Despite the strenuous nature of their task, NTV students found the 24-hour film contest a special opportunity for bonding.

“My favorite part was getting to bond with people in NTV, eating with them and being able to see everyone work hard to produce something great,” senior Victoria Uh said.

NTV is looking forward to the Orange County Film Festival occuring on Jan. 6, where awards for The 24 and other categories will be announced and celebrated.