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NTV: OC Film Festival

Another Friday. Another TA. Another NTV.

But it’s not just another high school TV broadcast: it’s the best in Orange County.

Participating in the 12th Annual Orange County Film Festival on Saturday, Jan. 3, Northwood Television (NTV) took home the victory for the Best Broadcast category and several nominations in multiple categories, including Music Video, Public Service Announcement and Spot Feature.

“Winning Best Broadcast was an absolute shock. We’d just watched four other amazing broadcasts screened and we were all sitting there thinking that there was no way we could compete with that,” said senior Miriam Chen. “So when they said NTV, I think everyone was just in a state of shock.”

Students were also nominated individually for other categories, including Cinematography, Director and Editing. Junior Karen Yang took home the title of Best Anchor while sophomore Sydney Nathan won Best Story.

The red-carpet event was held in Northwood’s Theater, which was decorated for this year’s theme, Film Noir. Before the theater, participants were given the chance to view the work of fellow filmmakers from other high schools and meet instructors involved in FilmEd Academy of the Arts, which supports the NTV program by providing professional equipment and training at summer workshops.

“This year being my first year in NTV, it was definitely an inspirational event to see all the talents that were out there. Definitely life-changing and just an overall great experience,” said sophomore Koby Park.

The film festival also featured a 24-hour music video challenge, where participants were given a day to make a music video. This year’s song was “Love Runs Out” by One Republic.

“All in all, it was just an incredible, adrenaline-filled, sleep-deprived experience,” said Chen. “And even though we didn’t win, we’re still so very proud of the music video we were able to create in such a short amount of time and under so much pressure.”

NTV plans to take the challenge a step further through a 48-hour short film challenge in March, also hosted by FilmEd, where competitors will create a film based on a given theme.