NTV 2017-2018: A fresh start to the season

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NTV is back and, you guessed it, better than ever.

With contributions from the seasoned veterans to the talented newbies, Northwood Television has definitely kicked it up a notch this year, displaying a level of filmmaking that is unprecedented at our school.

Much of NTV’s recent success can be attributed to the dedication and hardworking spirit of its members.

“Without discrediting last year’s crew in any way, I think our crew this year has really set a new standard particularly in preparedness and the sense of responsibility required to execute practically any creative endeavor,” senior and associate producer Ashley Wu said.

Despite the fact that two-thirds of the class is comprised of new members, NTV has been able to produce an environment in which everyone contributes a willingness to participate and uncontainable enthusiasm.

“In this year’s recruitment, we focused on finding filmmakers that weren’t necessarily the most talented or experienced, but were the most passionate and hardworking,” senior and show producer Matt Shaffar said. “Their motivation has really benefited the class as a whole, and every third period, I get the feeling that everyone is truly excited to be there.”

In addition to the level of enthusiasm and commitment in this year’s group, the recognition NTV has received from its student body can also be traced to the overall unique feel of this year’s show.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say that NTV has ‘improved’ this season, but rather the style of the show has a different ‘vibe’ to it,” senior and graphics producer Rex Sang said. “I think that all those who contributed to the style of this year’s show thought about ways that we could appeal more to the school’s taste this year.”

“I think the school is buzzing about the overall look of the new season,” Wu said. “This year, we’re transforming NTV into a warm, nostalgic and immersive visual experience while preserving the sense of community, excitement and diversity that we emphasized last year.”

Yet the most important key to NTV’s incredible achievements is the unflinching determination of its members to improve on each and every show.

“A production is 75 percent planning and 25 percent execution,” Shaffar said. “If the class continues my plan to emphasize pre-production and planning to the finest detail, I think we’ll be on our way to the best season Northwood has ever seen.”

“NTV still has a lot of room to grow,” senior and Life host David Lin said. “But I definitely do believe that we have the potential this year to reach new heights.”