Northwood’s Instagram-famous artists and musicians

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Instagram isn’t just a platform for posting your favorite Winter Formal photos or your trendy Cauldron ice cream shots—many people make art accounts to display their artwork and talents. Some may focus on one type of art form, while others may branch out into many mediums, but they are fantastic collections of art that you can easily be inspired by. Here are a few of our favorite Northwood student art accounts. Be sure to give them a like!

Annie Hu @bougiemuji

Sophomore Annie Hu has been turning organization into an aesthetic with her bullet journals that feature her calligraphy skills.

“I made my account because it’s nice to have a portfolio and be able to look back on your proudest pages and creations, especially if you’re in a creative block,” Hu said. “I also have the perpetual fear of losing my journal, so it helps me sleep knowing that even if tragedy strikes, I’ll still have my favorite spreads with me.”

Audrey Harjanto @llyonafang

Junior Audrey Harjanto uses her art account in order to show off her own music compositions and various forms of art, everything from cosplays to watercolors to origami.

“Honestly, I made my art account for publicity,” Harjanto said. “It’s nothing great or noble, but I wanted to get my name out there, so I’d have better chances to make connections with other artists or musicians I can definitely learn from.”

Cody Nakatsukasa @cnaka_bass

Bass may not be the first instrument that comes to mind when you think of instrumental covers, but sophomore Cody Nakatsukasa’s music account features many groovy funk and jazz covers.

“I made my account to use as a reminder to constantly work on finding new styles of music to improve my playing and to make a portfolio for music colleges as I want to major in music,” Nakatsukasa said.

Diana Yudnikova @in_diana_polis

Junior Diana Yudnikova features bright and vivid notebook sketches using a variety of colored pencils, alcohol markers and acrylics to produce anything from animals to food to famous characters.

“I saw Instagram as a gallery of my own artworks, where I could track my progress and because so many people on Instagram have become my source of inspiration, I hope to become one as well for someone else one day,” Yudnikova said.

Katelynn Rhee @babykatess

A self-taught makeup artist, senior Katelynn Rhee shows off her talents by creating stunning makeup looks with a variety of eyeshadows and color palettes.

“I made this account for fun so I could share my passion with other people and as reference to those who were interested in getting their makeup done by me,” Rhee said.

Isaiah Mirigian @nomoresoba

Junior Isaiah Mirigian’s Instagram street photography journal presents a collection of candid portraits, architecture, still life and special one-time moments that all feature a theme of what life is like in the city.

“I think street photography is all about capturing moments,” Mirigian said. “Everytime I go out to shoot there is something different and it’s discovering a shot that is so exciting. I wanted to share these photos somewhere and Instagram was the perfect platform to do that. It not only helps promote my work, but gives me the chance to see others’ work as well.”