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Northwood player profile: Samuel Kim

Growing up idolizing Tiger Woods, senior Samuel Kim now looks to make his dream of playing professional golf a reality by building on his previous success. Kim, winner of the 2013 Junior All-Star Tournament and currently the No. 31 golfer in the world for the class of 2015, sat down with The Howler to discuss his success and how it has affected his life as a golfer.

The Howler: Do you plan to pursue golf in the future? In what form?

Samuel Kim: For college, I am going to New Mexico for golf, and I got a full scholarship there. I want to go pro from there and I really hope I can.

The Howler: How has your success in golf tournaments affected your personally as well as those around you?

SK: It made me have a winning personality. I always want to win. If I didn’t play golf, everything would be mellow and I would not nearly be as competitive as I am today. It also taught me to be humble and be patient because golf is a patient sport.

The Howler: What has been your coolest experience playing golf?

SK: I would have to say playing with Jordan Spieth because he won the Masters this year. Also, he is just a very nice guy with a great attitude, as he will compliment you if you hit a good shot. So, that is probably the coolest thing.

The Howler: When did you realize your aptitude for golf and that it could take you to new heights?

SK: I’ve played in golf tournaments ever since I was 4. Ever since I was young, I grew up with golf, and I loved it because it is fun to play, to be outdoors and to be in nature. When I was 8, I was 6th in the world and that was when I realized how good I really was.

The Howler: Who has been your biggest inspiration and has helped you progress most as a golfer?

SK: At the moment, I would say Coach O’Brien, because he taught me a lot of things in high school. He taught me to really be myself and grow as a person while never giving up in whatever I do.

The Howler: What is your practice regimen?

SK: I practice depending on what I have later that week. Normally, I practice from after school, around 2, until 6 or maybe 7. I practice at Oak Creek and Monarch Beach. I usually hit balls for about an hour or two, then practice putting for another hour, and then work on chipping. I usually try to vary it up.

The Howler: What is your mindset before and during games?

SK: During games, I try not to think about it too much and just have fun with it. When you are playing with your teammates, you can talk to them and relax that way. Before the game, you just want to be in a positive mentality and think that you are going to play well.

The Howler: Do you have any advice for Timberwolves who are hoping to progress in golf?

SK: You’ve got to keep on working at it and have fun with it. You should never give up because it can be stressful, but you’ve got to pull through.