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Northwood player profile: Kaitlyn Hsu

Northwood Girls Basketball has never looked so good. Kaitlyn Hsu is second in the county for points-per-game average, can score five three-pointers in five games and still manages to maintain her perfect ponytail. Having been on the varsity team since her freshman year, Hsu has more than her head in the game—she has her heart and soul. Hsu sat down with The Howler to give us a few (three) pointers.

Deepika Chandrashekar: What do you think of Northwood’s team this year?
Kaitlyn Hsu: Oh, we’re a lot better than last year. We really improved with incoming freshman Erin Matsutsuyu and a transfer, Amani Tristan, and we all just became a team.
DC: How long have you been on the varsity team?
KH: Since my freshman year.
DC: What are your dreams for the future? Do you have plans of playing basketball in college?
KH: Yeah, definitely in college, probably a UC, most likely—but if not, any Cal State, or anywhere would be nice.
DC: So what position do you play?
KH: Either point or off-guard.
DC: Who is your basketball idol?
KH: Probably Derrick Rose.
DC: What are your goals for this season?
KH: We plan to at least be in the Top 3 in the Pacific Coast League and really compete this year, unlike last year.
DC: What’s been the highlight of the season so far?
KH: Just the team—I mean, we’re so close, we’re just a family this year. In our preseason this year we played El Modena; I had 38 points that game. It was a really close game, and I hit a couple crucial threes.
DC: How consistent are your three-pointers?
KH: On and off, but I’ve been hitting about five in five to six games. I’ve had a three in every game, except for like two or three.
DC: What is your favorite part of basketball?
KH: Probably just having fun when you’re doing it. It’s not just about the game, it’s about being a team and bonding.
DC: Do you have any advice for people who want to join the team next year?
KH: Keep working. Just work and train, and just keep working.
DC: Do you have any tips for how I can get big?
KH: Protein powder, lifting some weights, showing off those guns at the gym.
DC: What do you think of Coach Clarke?
KH: He’s a good coach; he really cares about us, not just as players, but off the court too.
DC: Do you guys have nicknames for each other on the team?
KC: Yeah. My nickname is Katie. My freshman year, there were two Kaitlyns, so they called me Baby Katie, so it just stuck ever since then.
DC: When new girls join the team, do they still call you Katie?
KH: Yeah.
DC: Anything else you have to say about playing for Northwood High School?
KH: It’s just been a great ride so far; it’s a blessing to play with people you love so much and to play the sport you love so much.