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Northwood player profile: Billy Monjay

Upon meeting Northwood senior Billy Monjay, his charisma and thoughtfulness seem to set him apart. However, Monjay is much more than a kind soul. He is a four-year CIF Division 1 finalist with a partial scholarship to USC and a 200-yard time that is ninth in the nation. After four years of swimming for Northwood varsity, this team captain is hoping to go out with a splash.

Deepika Chandrashekar: What are your goals for this season?

Billy Monjay: Individually, I think my goal is to win 100 meters in breaststroke. As a team, I really just want to have a fun last senior season. I want to be able to teach the freshman what I’ve learned. It really just comes down to having fun.

DC: What do you think of the team this year?

BM: It’s a really strong team; we picked up a few really fast freshman. We did lose a couple seniors from last year, so it balances out pretty well. I think we’re going to place high in league, probably second or third. University High will probably win, but CDM is going to be our biggest competition in league this year.

DC: What’s been the highlight of your time swimming for Northwood High School?

BM: Every year we have a relay meet called the Milikan Relay and it’s so much fun to race with the guys. It turns swimming, which is normally seen as an individual sport, into a team sport, 100% team, and it’s so much fun.

DC: What opportunities has Northwood swim opened up to you?

BM: It got me into college! I have a partial scholarship to USC for swimming which is pretty cool. Getting into any college on grades alone is difficult, so having swimming to aid that process is great.

DC: Have you ever traveled with swim?

BM: Yeah, on my first travel meet I went to Seattle, Washington with the California/Nevada All Star team, I’ve been to North Carolina for Junior Nationals and I’ve been to Japan last February for another California/Nevada All Star team.

DC: Do you have any tips on how I can get big?

BM: Obviously eat your vegetables, eat your leafy greens and protein is always good. Drink lots of water and work hard.

DC: What does this season mean to you as a senior—your last year swimming for Northwood?

BM: I’m just looking to have a really good time and getting really close with the guys ‘cause swim season is always the most fun I have all year, so it’s less about the racing and more about the camaraderie.