Northwood bathrooms closed after vandalism

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School administration has closed the upstairs bathrooms for an indefinite amount of time due to a string of vandalisms that began in March.

The vandalism included feces, toilet paper and soap smeared on the walls in both girls’ and boys’ bathrooms on a rotating basis. The bathrooms were closed at the end of the last school year because of the vandalism, and were briefly reopened at the beginning of this school year before being closed again due to new accounts of vandalism.

The administration has been unable to identify those responsible for the vandalism both last school year and this school year. As a result, there are currently plans made to install security cameras outside of the bathrooms with the goal of identifying students in the nearby area if further vandalism occurs.

“The vandalism is ultimately a safety issue and a monitoring issue,” Assistant Principal Eric Keith said. “Unfortunately, the janitors have had to fix toilets and soap dispensers along with cleaning up the mess.”

In the meantime, the upstairs bathrooms have been locked during breaks, forcing students to use the downstairs bathrooms and the gym bathrooms. Campus security have been positioned at bathrooms more often than usual to monitor who goes in and out of the bathrooms in order to discourage the vandalism.

“Having half of the bathrooms closed is difficult because I don’t know which bathrooms are locked and which aren’t, so I spend a lot of time going around campus to find an open bathroom,” junior Shivani Pasricha said. “It just wastes a lot of class time and productivity.”

Students with any information regarding the vandalism issues are encouraged to inform Northwood administration.