Northwood announces new mascots

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In a tragic turn of events, Northwood’s beloved mascot is to be no more after a lawsuit was filed by the Minnesota Timberwolves against Northwood for the use of the Timberwolf. Northwood has until June 30 of this year to replace its mascot. Senior Cole Kawanami, Northwood enthusiast, was one of many former Timberwolves heartbroken by these recent developments.

“Today is a sad, sad day for Northwood,” Kawanami said. “But also, it’s kinda appropriate that a place that has struck down on academic disobedience so hard like Northwood has full on plagiarized since the very beginning.”

In light of this lawsuit, the Northwood Howler has dug up some ideas for Northwood’s next mascot from both the original 1999 Northwood blueprints as well as our own creative craniums. Here are the final candidates:

The Northwood Bulldog

Step aside, Portola; when deciding on a school mascot back in 1999, Northwood High School had nearly followed in the footsteps of the likes of Georgetown, Boston and Yale University by making our mascot the Bulldog. Now, we know that our newest Irvine Unified School District member, Portola High School, has claimed the Bulldog for themselves, but that’s OK! It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for Northwood to jump from one canine to another and it just might promote a sense of solidarity amongst the two IUSD sibling schools.

The Northwood Oak Tree

Northwood is already famous for the Oak—so why not give it due credit and appoint it as Northwood’s next mascot? The Oak embodies Northwood’s core values: integrity (always standing up for its fellow students), mutual respect (providing space for Northwood students to relax) and compassion (giving everyone protection from the harsh California sun). The Oak is simply the most deserving candidate for all of us to grow around.

The Northwood Pizza

Another actual gem from the 1999 blueprints, Pizza—no joke—had almost become the official Northwood mascot. To be fair, who doesn’t like pizza? It’s time to let our societal love for pizza be shown. Make it happen, Northwood.

And finally…

The Northwood Olivares

Mr. O may have thought he’d be leaving Northwood for Portola next year. But alas, the Olivares can never truly leave. He can be with us in spirit and with us forever as the Hawaiian-shirt-wearing embodiment of Northwood High School.

Ask not what the Olivares can do for you, Northwood; ask what you can do for the Olivares.