New goals for a new year!

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Stop procrastinating. Sleep early. Go to the gym. There are so many different New Year’s resolutions, but they are often difficult or nearly impossible to maintain throughout the course of the year. For those out there that are intending on keeping their resolutions, The Howler has a few tips to help.

Set a realistic goal. Keeping your New Year’s resolutions is only possible by setting a doable goal. This doesn’t mean you can’t dream big, but choosing an ambitious goal is only setting yourself up for frustration and failure. By setting an achievable goal, you are less likely to give up on keeping your resolutions.

Set checkpoints. Vague New Year’s resolutions will not be as effective as specific ones. In addition, you should set mini-goals and a date you want to accomplish them by. This will make you more motivated to keep your resolutions.

Set reminders. It’s really easy to forget about your resolutions or just ignore them. However, by sticking a post-it note on your desk or leaving a reminder on your phone, you are less likely to forget or delay your goals.

Make your resolution personal and relevant. Don’t just pick a random resolution or something your friend is doing. You will be much more motivated to keep your resolution if this goal is important to you personally.

Finally, remember to stick to your resolution and keep trying. Keeping a New Year’s resolution is often very difficult, but you must remember to stick to it. You should do your best to keep your resolution throughout the year no matter what setbacks or failures you might have along the way.