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“Never a cloudy day” at NHS

The student body and staff gathered throughout the school to rally their school spirit for Northwood’s Lip Dub on March 20. Selected singers skipped throughout the school, lip-syncing to the song “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire, while groups of students representing their respective extracurriculars cheered wildly in the background. The event was directed by seniors Taylor An and Omeed Farsoni.

“Students participate and represent what they are passionate about here at Northwood, whether that is a sport, club or VAPA,” An said. “The lip dub brings the school together and is just one way we show our school spirit.”

ASB and NTV worked together to plan the music video, planning the smoothest routes for the singers and organizing the locations of different groups of students. The route began at the 300 Building by the Gym, and worked its way up to the Center Quad.

“We planned on sticking our rackets out and then raising our arms as the camera goes by and cheering,” senior and Girls’ Tennis captain Kerisa Lin said. “Down the line, the other captains and I did our own stuff, and I pretended to serve at the camera; I think we had fun overall.”

Singers were seniors Matthew Liu, Michael Bellas, An, Ryan Nhu, Lucy Bowers, Serena Kim, Kellie May, Ashley Roeske, Gabby Dellamaggiore, Koby Park, Kevin Zhou; juniors Kerenna Samynathan, Yoojin Kim, Erin Matsutsuyu, Claire O’Connor, Kayla Shojai and sophomore Matthew Kim.

At the end of the lip dub, students and staff congregated around the Oak for the final, unified shot of Northwood’s school body.

“This year was a good year for Northwood in all aspects, so I wanted to have something to look back on that can hold all the excitement and energy our student body has,” An said. “I am so excited to have made a new lip dub with even more school-spirited T-wolves.”