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The purpose of this artwork is to depict a scene unknown to the viewer. Everything seems to be random, peculiar and somewhat silly, but not to the woman peacefully residing in the honey-filled half of the watermelon. Only she understands her world that she has created. Although viewers will attempt to add connotations to the contents in her world from their perspective, the same contents may have entirely different meanings to her. It is important to note that I specifically painted this to have a calm and neutral atmosphere through using dull and soft colors. Contradictions such as the day and night are not shown as chaotic. The wet sea overflowing the dry desert is not a problem—there are no conflicts. Even the boat inside the water bottle has no destination, lacking anxiety. This lack of tension forces the viewer to consider that the peculiarity of the scene is normal to the woman and that we are unable to judge a world which we don’t understand.