Make winter ‘break’ again

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You all have probably noticed that our summer breaks are ending earlier as the school year begins to start earlier in August. This may be frustrating at first because you think your summer break is slipping away, but in the long run, it will be beneficial because it moves our finals before Winter Break.

Imagine this: you get home to start on Winter Break, ready for the holidays and ready for sleep. And while you’re relaxing, you forget everything that you learned in the beginning of the year. All that knowledge about what the mitochondria is, what a derivative is or what the Declaration of Independence did will be slipping out of your mind and you’ll come back to school unprepared for first semester finals.

Research conducted by Dr. William Thalheimer has shown that we forget anywhere from 2 to 89 percent of the information presented to us within three days to a week. So, if your science teacher gave an important lecture on the Chemical Equilibrium right before Winter Break started, you will have already forgotten a significant percentage of that information by the end of your first week off, and you’ll remember even less by the end of the second.

Now, you can obviously counteract this forgetfulness by studying over the break, but do you really want to be reading about the Civil War instead of hanging out with friends or watching Netflix with a cup of hot chocolate? I think not. Having finals before Winter Break gives us the freedom to truly enjoy the holidays without any concerns about reviewing and studying for finals during our time off from school.

This shift in the finals schedule will ultimately be a positive change that gives students a better Winter Break free of qualms about having fun instead of reading textbooks.