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Lunch time opportunities

As the school year kicks off, several clubs around campus have set to work organizing meetings and activities. During lunch, be sure to check out these clubs with your friends.

Astronomy Club: Interested in learning about the science of our universe? Come learn and have fun on the first and third Thursdays of every month in Room 1022. There will be inspiring guest speakers, informative presentations, games, videos and volunteer opportunities.

Environmental Club: Join a community of students dedicated to environmental protection and awareness every Tuesday in Room 1003. Members learn how they can make sustainable improvements to their community through interactive presentations and volunteer opportunities.

[Insert Fandom Here]: This club gathers in Room 1210 every Thursday to discuss various fandoms ranging from anime to “The Hunger Games.” [Insert Fandom Here] provides a welcoming environment for Timberwolves to share their thoughts about popular books and movies and the effect it has on their lives.

Make-A-Wish: Help make a positive impact by granting children’s wishes! Every year, the club raises $5000 to provide memorable experiences for children with life-threatening medical conditions. Make-A-Wish meets every Wednesday in Room 1207.

Model United Nations: Master the arts of leadership, public speaking and diplomacy by participating in competitive Mock United Nations (MUN) conferences. Participants have the opportunity to discuss current global issues and win awards. MUN meets every Monday in Room 1101.