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Luna Grill Review

Offering high-quality Mediterranean food in an upscale atmosphere, the new Luna Grill location at the Spectrum is a great option for lunch or dinner.

The food is both exotic and comforting, elevating street-style dishes by incorporating fragrant spices and unconventional ingredients, such as jalapeño bacon. In a lot of ways, Luna Grill compares to other popular Mediterranean fast food chains, such as Daphne’s: The menu consists mainly of Mix-and-Match plates, and customers order and pay at the front counter. What distinguishes Luna Grill from typical fast-food joints, however, are the fresh ingredients used in their dishes, evident from the mouth-watering aroma and taste. For example, Luna Grill has been praised by several customers for its gyros because of their spicy, buttery taste and texture. Gyros are a popular Greek dish made of marinated beef or chicken and cut away from a vertical rotisserie.

At Luna Grill, customers can witness the gyros being sliced from the rotisseries rotating right behind the counter, allowing them to see that their orders are being freshly prepared. The staff is very helpful and friendly, ready to provide delicious recommendations and accommodate specifications for customers’ orders.

Although Luna Grill’s sides of rice and salad are very similar to those of its competitors, Luna Grill’s rice is softer and their salad contains better dressing that tastes more freshly-made than store-bought. Luna Grill also gives bigger portions. While Daphne’s still works for a cheap and quick meal, the new Luna Grill at the Spectrum definitely offers a more upscale and quality dining experience.

However, if the new Spectrum location is too far, luckily, another Luna Grill already exists in Irvine. Tucked into a shopping center in Westpark, the other Luna Grill offers a more laidback atmosphere, allowing for a more casual dining experience than the trendy Spectrum restaurant. However, both locations still feature dining on roof-covered patio attached to the main restaurant, offering cool shade and fresh air.

If you’re outside of Irvine, you can also find Luna Grill restaurants around other Orange County cities, as well as in San Diego and Texas. Hopefully, Luna Grill will continue to spread, allowing more Mediterranean food fans to enjoy its fresh, tasty dishes.

LOCATION: 524 Spectrum Center Dr Ste 602, Irvine, 949-387-5862,

PRICES: À la carte kabobs $6-$9.50, Salads $7-$9, Signature plates $10-$14

OPERATING TIMES: Open 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday through Saturday.

RECOMMENDED DISHES: Gyros wrap and plate, Norwegian Salmon