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Little note of love

Two Northwood students have made it their mission to bring just a little more happiness to campus. By creating handpainted cards for your personal messages, they hope to brighten any of your loved one’s days.

“The goal of Little Note of Love is to give others a way to encourage their friends and family through handwritten letters,” said junior Malia Lira. “We are currently working on designs for these letters which, once they are made, will be available to be ordered free of charge.”

Lira and her best friend, junior Hannah Holder, started the group in October after Holder received a handwritten letter in the mail that resonated with her.

“I was inspired by Lucy Bowers in particular,” said Holder. “She used to send me letters. And one day—it was a rough day—I opened one and I was super psyched that I got a letter in the mail. And I thought, ‘How great would it be if we started sending out letters to people?’”

Lira and Holder encourage other students to create their own Little Notes of Love and to share them on Instagram and Twitter.

“It’s really cool to have a letter in the mail, ‘cause I think that’s so rare nowadays, and there’s just something about a handwritten letter,” said Holder. “Knowing that other people might be inspired by this and might share a little bit of encouragement with their friends is really encouraging to us.”

(Image Credits: Janette Lu)