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Jazz at the Oak

Trumpets and saxophones swung and sang under the stars at Northwood’s annual Jazz at the Oak on May 12.  The event consisted of performances from Sierra Vista Middle School’s Jazz Band and Northwood’s three Jazz Bands and two combos, along with raffles and food trucks.  

“Overall, all bands performed extraordinarily well,” saxophonist junior Michael Park said.  “Each band showcased five tunes that highlighted their progress throughout the school year.“

As one of the most popular jazz events of the year, Jazz at the Oak was the culmination of the hard work of all the bands.  Jazz standards such as “Birdland” and “Inner Urge” were performed, in addition to vocal and pop pieces such as “But Not For Me,” from the musical “Girl Crazy,” and the popular “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars.  

“I felt that the performances were really fun,” guitarist sophomore Kairey Wang said. “Since we played some pieces that we played in Reno, we all performed really well while having a lot of fun.”

In between performances, audience members were able to participate in several raffles, earning prizes such as prom tickets, parking passes and a “Day with the Directors.”  Additionally, they could purchase treats from music director Ben Case’s daughter, along with the various food trucks in the front.  

The event proved to be a relaxing and fun-filled night for both performers and audience members, concluding the two weeks of AP testing the students had previously undergone.

“One of my favorite quirks of Jazz at the Oak was the casual atmosphere,” Park said. “Not only did this event encourage larger target of audience to enjoy jazz music, but it also brought smiles to everybody: parents, peers, performers, volunteers, directors and faculty.”