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Jack-O’-Lanterns: A How-To

Strolling down the sidewalk with pillow cases in hand, trick-or-treaters are no stranger to the sight of glowing orange smiles on the porches of houses soon to be conquered. The jack-o’-lantern is the quintessential Halloween decoration for most suburban homes, and people get more and more creative each year with the shape, color, size, and most importantly, the carving of their pumpkin. For those of us, however, who lack a creative touch, here are a few designs that will always impress the neighbors.

Photo credits: Emily Hu

The Classic



With its triangular eyes and nose and that unmistakable toothy grin, the classic jack-o’-lantern will never go out of style. This pleasant pumpkin is doable for anyone with a carving knife and a little bit of time, and will always light up the lawn with some spooky Halloween spirit.

Werewolf? No, T-Wolf.


Of course, injecting a little Northwood pride into the spirit of Halloween couldn’t hurt. Casual pedestrians will only see a well-carved werewolf, but we’ll know. We’ll know.

The Flower Child


There are always the artsy folks who strive for more than the average jack-o’-lantern and turn their pumpkin piece into a masterpiece. This simple, yet elegant flower petal design will tickle the creative bone of any artist, while still staying in season with the Halloween festivities.

The Hardcore Halloweener


We all have that one neighbor who decorates for Halloween like it’s Christmas. He or she enjoys scaring small children a little too much, but also has the best candy on the block, so it’s well worth the screams. If you don’t know who that person is, it’s probably you, in which case, this is the perfect jack-o’-lantern for you. A creepy twist on the classic smile will have every visitor to your house leaving with a chill down their spine. He’s watching.

#Modern Chic


For the people who want a more modern design, emojis are a fun way to update the traditional jack-o’-lantern. The cute and simple faces are easy to carve, and every 21st century teen will recognize their first language on a pumpkin. Who knows who that wink is for?