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Interviews with some of Northwood’s newest faces

In addition to a new class of students, Northwood also welcomed some new faces at the front of the classroom this year. History teacher and Northwood alumna Isabelle Comtois returned to her alma mater to teach Humanities 9 and 10, and has enjoyed seeing her former teachers again. After having taught Spanish in Mexico for several years, Spanish teacher Victoria Kleczko continues to pursue her love of teaching here at Northwood.  Both teachers enjoy watching their students grow and are ready for a productive year!

Isabelle Comtois:

AJ and ZY: What are your thoughts on the overall atmosphere of Northwood thus far?

Isabelle Comtois: Northwood’s atmosphere is awesome. The students are so much fun to work with and I got really lucky because my colleagues are incredibly motivated and passionate teachers. As a new teacher here, it’s really great to get to work with people who are just as passionate and motivated to keep pushing themselves and get better all for the students. It’s so awesome to get to be at a school that’s so student-centered and that genuinely wants the best for every single student that comes on campus, and so in that sense, that culture is great to be a part of.

AJ and ZY:  What are some goals you have for this year?

IC:  I want my students in Humanities 9 and Humanities 10 to leave as critical thinkers who are compassionate and motivated to be members of society.  You shouldn’t be in a history class thinking, “it’s only about the past and I don’t see its implications.” You should be in my class thinking constantly about how this is impacting the world around you.  In that sense, I want my students in both levels to be able to leave my classroom willing to engage in those conversations in their everyday lives.

AJ and ZY: What is your favorite part about teaching in the humanities department?

IC: I love teaching history. I think it’s so fun and controversial, and it makes people think in ways they wouldn’t always think. I also like to push and challenge the notion that history is simply memorizing facts and at Northwood no history teacher has that type of class. Every teacher at Northwood wants you to leave challenged and motivated, and I don’t need you to memorize a list of names, places and people but rather I want you to be able to engage and work with others and become an active member of your community. I think a history class is so awesome because you get to have those conversations.

Victoria Kleczko:

AJ and ZY:  What are your thoughts on the overall atmosphere of Northwood thus far?

Victoria Kleckzo:  Northwood is an incredible high school, in the short time I’ve been here I can already see how engaged and motivated the students are.  The atmosphere set by the staff and administration is one of support and growth that includes everyone. I can sense the positive energy in my students, they show up ready to jump right in. This shows me that the students care about and feel connected to Northwood. 

AJ and ZY: What is your favorite part about teaching Spanish so far?

VK: I lived in Queretaro, Mexico for many years and I absolutely love Spanish. There is nothing better than watching a student take their first baby steps in speaking Spanish. My favorite part of teaching Spanish is showing my students the cultural connections between life here and in Latin America.

AJ and ZY: How is Northwood different from other schools you’ve taught at?

VK: The schools where I taught in Mexico were very different from Northwood. We didn’t have central Wi-Fi, Chromebook carts, Canvas, a tutoring center or even projectors. I am so excited to teach in a school that has so many resources to help me guide my students toward success. To say I feel fortunate and full of positivity would be an understatement!

As a school we are so fortunate for the new teachers and the energy these teachers bring to Northwood. Welcome to the pack!

Also new to Northwood: Sophia Chen (English), Zack Couey (Special Education), Megan Petkovic (Science), Nick Souza (Photography), Jennifer Strong (School Psychologist), and Keonie Yu (Special Education)