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Install security cameras at bike racks

One month ago, senior Alex Webster arrived at the bike racks on Northwood’s campus and found that his bicycle had fallen victim to vandalism.

“I came out of class and saw that my front derailleur was bashed in and my rear tire was jammed,” Webster said.

This increasingly common phenomenon has affected multiple Northwood students—but no one has found the culprit(s) yet. Unfortunately, there are no security cameras to offer an eyewitness account. Since a large portion of Northwood’s demographic either bikes or skateboards to school, it seems obvious that Northwood would have some sort of security. But that isn’t the case.

“I know there’s a risk of parking my bike at the bike racks, but the fact that multiple bikes have been tampered with only proves my point that the school needs to do something to prevent this from happening again,” Webster said. “No one knows who did this, but if security cameras were installed then it would dissuade people from damaging bikes.”

What’s most surprising is that security cameras have been installed all around campus except for the bike racks. Why not put them in the place they are needed most?

Compounding the problem, it seems that the school isn’t open to further discussion on the topic of security cameras. Webster claimed that the Northwood administration ignored his questions about security cameras and instead directed him to file a police report.

It’s not only Webster who was affected. Senior Jonathan Leigh also had his bike tampered and his back wheel loosened. Leigh had his wheel fall off when he was biking at around 35 miles per hour, causing him to be thrown off his bike, suffering major cuts and scarring to his arms and head. He felt that having security cameras would deter people from committing actions like this.

Until security cameras are installed near the bike racks, we will never know who is continuously vandalizing these bikes or how to stop them.