Inklings Club: the writer’s safe haven

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For some students, writing is a fun way to de-stress and unwind. For others worrying about anchors, in-class essays and college apps? Maybe not so much.

Love it or hate it, everyone knows that writing is an important part of every high schooler’s academic experience. Fortunately for Northwood Timberwolves, a thriving student group exists on campus called the Northwood Inklings Club where students can hone their writing skills while sharing their appreciation for the art.

“Inklings is a very pleasant, intimate community where students are able to share their stories and the stories of those around them,” senior Cole Kawanami said.

The club is spearheaded by its president, senior Hilary Lee. An avid writer herself, Lee hopes to cultivate a supportive environment at Northwood where students can feel comfortable sharing their writing and getting positive and constructive feedback from their peers.

“Writing is my world,” Lee said. “It really is. It’s the way I communicate, it’s the way I express myself and it’s the way I connect and share my experiences.I want Inklings to be a hub where we can just share the stories we write and just build on each other’s strength to develop our voices and narratives.”

Kawanami, a regular club member, shared his personal experience with writing and how the club helped him develop his writing abilities.

“For me personally, writing is a bit like running a mile,” Kawanami said. “It gives me stress and I hate every step of the process, but I know it makes me better, and once I’m done I feel good and it’s actually nice. I’m extremely perfectionistic and starting a blank page hurts a lot, but when I’m in Inklings, their usual stuff is just little creative writing prompts and I think that helps me a lot. The only thing I need to worry about is getting something on the paper.”

For the past few weeks, Inklings has held college essay workshops in which seniors bring their drafted college essays for comments from the club. Lee discussed her future plans for Inklings with us.

“We plan to organize a workshop where people can bring their creative writing from classes—so no anchors, sorry!—and peer review each other’s work for projects like the saturation paper and vignettes.”

Inklings meets on Mondays at lunch in Room 1006, so visit when you can! Perhaps you’ll find yourself having your first enjoyable writing experience.