I didn’t ask for this, Northwood

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I didn’t ask to be Junk Editor. I didn’t even fully consider it a possibility until the previous Editor-in-Chief approached me about being Junk Editor, and I thought, “Hey. Why not?”

That is the story of how one very confused, very uncreative, very unqualified 16-going-onto-17 girl became this year’s Trash QueenTM. And wow, has it been an adventure. A very stressful adventure, but a wonderful one nonetheless. From last-minute changes to long deadline days with all The Howler editors and Mr. Horrigan, to desperate attempts to think of funny article ideas before brainstorm, being Junk Editor has given me an incredible, potentially unwarranted amount of stress, but I have never regretted my decision.

Because life isn’t just going to give you lemons. It’s going to throw bowling balls at you, and sometimes you just gotta go with it. Go with it, and later, you’ll be stronger and (maybe, in my case, not really) good at bowling, and you’ll realize that you love the people you went bowling with. And yeah, you’ll have some nasty bruises and a couple of unwelcome situations, but the end will (hopefully) be worth all the hardships. And you may miss some bowling pins, and I really don’t know where this metaphor is going.

Anyway, it’s been an honor to be your Junk Editor this year, and I hope that I was able to make at least one of you smile. If I didn’t, then at least take this away: sometimes you should take the things you didn’t ask for and realize they’re even better, though occasionally worse, than you expected, because bowling balls are pretty cool. When they’re not flying toward your face.