Hungry for humor: ‘One Man, Two Guvnors,’ five stars

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“One Man, Two Guvnors” aired from Nov. 15-17 as Northwood’s Theatre Arts’ annual fall play, bringing laughs to all who attended just before Thanksgiving break.

The comedy is set in 1960’s Britain and centers around a man, Francis Henshall (junior Chris Kassir), who inadvertently finds himself with two jobs. Both his employers, Rachel Crabbe (senior Sami Alarcon) and Stanley Stubbers (senior Noah Hansen), have no idea he’s working for the other, forcing Francis to secretly—and very poorly—juggle his jobs. Meanwhile, the arrival of Crabbe creates trouble for Pauline Clench (junior Isabella Sanders) and Alan Dangle’s (senior Ian Gibson) relationship, as Clench is pushed to marry Crabbe instead of Dangle.

The wacky relationships continue with Henshall who finds himself more and more attracted to the Clench’s bookkeeper Dolly (senior Sara Shaygan).

“The actors are super talented! I cried of laughter three times and that was before intermission,” junior Sasha Anand said.

The comedy wasn’t born naturally, however. In fact, the cast and crew had been putting the show together since the school year began. And though it was tiring work, they had a lot of fun preparing it for audiences.

“I’ve had an incredible experience these past few months. I’ve gotten to act alongside incredible actors and even better friends!” Sanders said.

The show itself featured jokes both scripted and unscripted. Kassir was tasked with improvising many of his lines based on the audience present, including luggage help and sandwich requests.

“The most memorable thing about the play has definitely been watching Chris interact with the audience, he is always able to make it funny, awkward or both!” Hansen said.

The production ran for a week, wrapping up on Nov. 17 with a special treat for the audience on their final show: corgis, to pay homage to Queen Elizabeth II of England.

“I’m incredibly impressed with how the comedy came through. This is definitely the funniest show Northwood’s done!” junior Amala Neervannan said.

Those who missed the fall play can still look forward to the Theatre Arts’ production of this year’s musical, “Young Frankenstein,” in February.