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Fine Arts Center Hosts Exhibition

Guests admired artwork in the High School Art Exhibition at the Irvine Fine Arts Center from May 5-26, where Northwood’s artists received well-earned recognition.

“The exhibition was a memorable experience because I didn’t expect to be selected,” junior Cecilia Jung said. “I’m grateful that I entered my works in the competition, because originally I didn’t want to participate.”

Rachelle Chuang served as the juror this year. Chuang is a member of the Irvine Fine Arts Center and an art teacher and artist, so she’s an experienced critic. To decide what art to display, she viewed art from all the different high schools in Irvine and chose her favorites. Since the show exhibited art from Crean Lutheran, Irvine, Woodbridge and University besides Northwood, students received the chance to view work from a wider variety of artists than usual.

Northwood also contributed to the show in previous years.

“This year Northwood was once again asked to participate and works were submitted by students and then set up in a conference room here at Northwood for the show to be juried,” Visual Arts teacher Kimberly Rohrs said. “Only a few works from each school are selected, so it is a very selective show.”

Along with the diversity of the high schools the artists attend, the show was also diverse in the areas of visual art it exhibited. The show was multimedia, so among the pieces were drawings, paintings, photos, digital media, ceramics and prints.

A reception took place on Monday, May 6 from 4-6 p.m, and admission for the reception and entire exhibition was free.

Lilian Nguyen from University High School won first place for her painting called “Still Life” of cameras, a Coca-Cola bottle, a film reel and other objects arranged on a cloth.

The next exhibition will be “You Have No Sound” with sculptures, paintings, photographs and prints by Kim Kei. Again, admission will be free.