Great wins and heartbreaking losses

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Here at Northwood, many of our athletes experience great wins and heartbreaking losses. For some, the wins and losses aren’t just about the end result of a game, match or meet. They can be great personal victories and team moments. Here are some of their stories.

Nick Wang (Tennis)

It was the quarter finals at league championships and I was playing a match against the number four seed. The first of three sets didn’t go too well, and the second started out poorly as well. Eventually, I caught up and won the second set. During the third set tiebreaker, the score was tied for a while, but eventually I won and moved on to the semifinals. I ended up being fourth place overall in the league for singles.

Donya Ardalan (Tennis)

A heartbreaking loss for us was losing to Beckman this year. We beat Beckman during one match, but lost to them in another. We were expecting to have a tiebreaker, but the league decided to have us both go, putting Beckman as number 3 and us at 4 since they had a higher game score when they won. It was really sad since it was the first time Beckman was seeded higher in league, and we were never given the opportunity to break the tie.

James Mazzeo (Track and Field)

One tough loss for me was at Pacific Coast League finals my sophomore year. I was running in the 200 meter dash, and started out strong. I had managed to get into first place, but in the last 10 meters, I dropped to fourth place, just out of medal range. But, the next year I did a lot better at the Orange County invitationals.

During my Junior year while at the Orange County invitationals, I was running in the 400 meter race. It started out OK, but by the end I was getting really tired, as usual, in the 400 meters. However, I got a burst of energy and was able to sprint ahead into third place in the last five meters of the race. That was a really great accomplishment and I was really happy with that.

Collin Press (Water Polo)

One of the most heartbreaking losses for me was my most recent and final game. During CIF, we were playing our second round game, and during the fourth quarter were down 8-4. Towards the end of the game, the realization that I was playing my last minute of water polo ever hit me like a ton of bricks.

Roddur Dasgupta (Water Polo)

My senior game was, for me, one of the most memorable games of my water polo career. It was really exhilarating to be able to play alongside the teammates I spent my high school career with. It was also really cool to be able to see such a great turnout of students and faculty members. On top of that, we ended up winning the game 16 to 10 which was one of the highlights of my season.

Justin Pyne (Swim)

Last year, I started swimming the 200 meter freestyle, which was a new event for me. I had a sort of friendly rivalry with another swimmer, Chris Pukszta who would always beat me by just a little. Every meet leading up to the Pacific Coast League Finals, I would start my race out super strong, but would get beat in the second half of the race when I burned out. By the time PCL Prelims came around, I had managed to close the gap to around two seconds, whereas previously I was losing by around five. He ended up being first seed and I was the second seed. At finals, the entire team was watching the race, and I had started out with a huge lead, but by the second half of the race he was catching up to me. I ended up beating him by .2 seconds and had gotten my fastest time ever, which ended up being my varsity qualifying time.

Aanya Jain (Tennis)

Our first match of CIF was an away game against Laguna Hills, so the opposing team had a lot of team spirit. That influenced our team to cheer louder than ever before, and although there were only a few of us, we were louder than the other team. In the end, I think that really brought our team together, and the team spirit was one of the reasons why we won that match.

Even though things don’t always end the way we want them to, it’s the wins and losses that make sports so memorable and meaningful to Northwood athletes.