Girls soccer places first in league

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With a 8-2 record in the Pacific Coast League (PCL) this season, Northwood’s Girls Varsity Soccer team placed first in league, and is now preparing to dominate in CIF this year.

In their second game against University Trojans, the Northwood Timberwolves faced their first loss at home, 0-2, followed by a tough 0-4 loss to the Corona Del Mar Sea Kings. Although the Timberwolves had a rocky start, they ended the season with a long winning streak.

“We had a bit of a rough start just with everyone adjusting to each others style of play but we’ve seen noticeable improvement as the scores show, and for the rest of league we continued to trust our abilities both as individual players and as a team,” captain senior Elizabeth Kobrine said.

In their eighth league game against Corona Del Mar Sea Kings, the Northwood Timberwolves had a thrilling win, beating CDM 2-1, with a goal from freshman Lauren Arnold in the last minute of the game. As this was the last time Northwood’s Girls Soccer would play CDM in PCL, the Timberwolves pridefully sent the Sea Kings to the Sunset league as a second place team.

“Beating CDM was truly breathtaking, especially as it really showcased how much our team has progressed from the start of the season,” sophomore Jennifer Frey said. “It brought purpose to all of the training and hard work we have been putting in. I wish we had the chance to beat them again.”

The team’s main focus this season, in addition to growing as players and a team, has been attitude before, during and after games and practices.

“I think one of the biggest things I want for the team for the rest of the season is a real desire to win games,” captain junior Sami Alarcon said. “Our coach has talked a lot about attitude the past couple of games and practices and I think it’s good that he’s communicating this with us because attitude really does play such a big part in our performance as players.”

As the team progresses into CIF, the players are determined to fight for a win in every upcoming game giving them a chance at their next goalbecoming CIF champions.