Gifting Thanksgiving Grams

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Amid the season of giving, Thanksgiving Grams were a small way the Northwood community could show their gratitude and appreciation on campus.

On Nov. 16 and 17, ASB sold candy grams at the Oak during break and lunch to students and staff for $1. These grams came in Thanksgiving color-themed drawstring bags filled with Hershey Kisses and caramel pops attached with a personalized thank you note.

“ASB agreed to hold this small event because we find ourselves usually doing a lot for other events like Valentine’s Day, but rarely for Thanksgiving,” event coordinator and Junior Class President Britney Zhang said. “Oftentimes, it is hard to find a right time to truly thank and honor someone for everything they do all year round. We wanted to switch things up and allow students to recognize their fellow peers and teachers during this season.”

ASB hand-delivered the grams to each person receiving them in their homerooms on Monday, Nov. 20.

“A cool aspect of this event was that teachers even sent grams to other teachers!” Zhang said. “Mr. Paris bought five grams for their fellow teacher-friends, and it is cool to see how even the staff is growing closer, not only as coworkers, but as friends in light of this Thanksgiving season. If the treats made one person smile and feel appreciated, then we consider the event to be a success!”

In response to its success, ASB plans to continue selling grams next Thanksgiving season.