Gatsby, Candide, Jazz and more!

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With classic titles like “Beloved,” “The Great Gatsby” and “Pride and Prejudice” selling for as low as $0.50 to $1 each, the Friends of the Heritage Park Library Bookstore is one of the best places to stock up on reading materials for the school year.

Since April 1994, the nonprofit volunteer-run bookstore has resold gently used books, tapes, CDs, textbooks and DVDs that are regularly donated by the public.

“All proceeds from our sales go towards funding for the Heritage Park Library,” said the bookstore’s volunteer coordinator, Marcy Kettner. “It’s one of the largest in the county in terms of circulation, so we’re here to help out with whatever we can.”

Located in the same building as the Heritage Park Library, the Friends of the Heritage Park Library Bookstore carries books and other materials about everything from sci-fi and fantasy to the classics. Organized by category and resource type, the bookstore’s cozy environment welcomes a casual browse from passerby, who are often drawn in by the carts of 25 cent “Bargain Books” located just outside.

According to Kettner, the bookstore sells around 2,800 books every week in 7 days of operation per week. From July 1, 2016, to June 30 of this year, it earned $78,000 in funds for the Heritage Park Library.

“I love meeting the people that come around to donate books or help out,” Kettner said. “We have a great set of volunteers, and all of us have fun together while enjoying the books.”

This year, the Friends of the Heritage Park Library Bookstore also sponsored a scholarship program for college-bound high school seniors graduating in 2017 from an Irvine high school. Five students were awarded a scholarship, two of whom were former Northwood seniors Shilpa Rajagopal and James Noh.

The Friends of the Heritage Park Library welcomes volunteers ages 16 and over, so whether you’re interested in literature and looking for volunteer hours, hoping to find titles for the school year or simply passing by, don’t hesitate to visit and check it out!