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Fun things you can do for no particular occasion

    1. Read a book:
      • Reading can actually be a lot of fun. Give it a try sometime.


  • Play some old games from your childhood days:


      • A healthy dose of nostalgia now and again is nice. It will also be really cool to relive the carefree, happy days of your childhood again, if only for a moment.


  • Work on college apps:


      • That’s fun, right?
    1. Aimlessly browse memes for hours on end until you have a breakdown as you are forced to realize how much of your life you just wasted:
      • I need help.


  • Invest in floppy disks:


      • Just trust me on this one.


  • Respect microorganisms:


      • Purchase probiotics, compose a love poem dedicated to your favorite intestinal microbe, compliment some yeast, any little bit of appreciation would be nice.


  • Sit on a public bench and eat a medium sized wheel of cheese while staring intensely at passing strangers:


      • Be sure to make (and never break) eye contact with them. If they look uncomfortable, quickly stuff the cheese into your eyelids so they feel more at ease (use discretion when doing this or they will not believe that your eyeballs spontaneously turned into cheese and, as a result, will not be eased by your actions).


  • Make and wear a garlic necklace:


      • Throughout history, garlic has been acknowledged as a powerful root vegetable that can protect you from monsters. Beyond vampires, it can keep away werewolves, politicians, that one neighbor who keeps leaving halved oat bran muffins on my doorstep, you name it!


  • Leave halved oat bran muffins on your neighbors’ doorsteps:


    • Wait no, don’t do this.