Freshmen destress at Sip ‘n’ Study

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Freshman class council kicked off Dead Week with their annual Sip ‘n’ Study on Dec. 11, an event directed towards gathering students together to enjoy a sip of hot cocoa and jump-start their finals preparation.

The event began after sixth period in the library and the quad and lasted until 5 p.m. Its participants could be heard catching up with one another over hot cocoa and a few candy canes.

“It went really well in my opinion,” freshman class president Shan Syed said. “I’m glad to see the students destressing and catching up on their studying.”

The Sip ‘n’ Study was designed to promote students’ well-being and provide a stress-free environment in which to study and socialize, with the priority of helping freshmen prepare for their first round of finals. Inside the library, one teacher from each department was assigned a table, where students could go to to ask for help or clarification.

I thought it was a very helpful event for students in preparation for their final exams,” science teacher Mickey Dickson said. “They had an opportunity to ask some clarifying questions about content and format for the final exam.”

The event also offered various foods and drinks for students, with free hot cocoa and slime to play with.

“After buying tons of donuts, students made their way to the free hot cocoa and slime to relax before finals,” freshman class vice president Katie Peabody said. “Staying to get help from teachers and tutor volunteers let people from all grades feel better about their exams.”

At the conclusion of the event, freshman class council had a few words to next year’s ASB on what aspects could be improved, as well as what should be kept in the event.

“Next year I hope we keep the hot cocoa going because that was definitely a hit,” Syed said. “Maybe this could even evolve into a session where teachers themselves could destress and more of them could come to help as many students as possible.”