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Finals: You know you love ’em

Heck yeah! It’s that time of January again.

Barnes & Noble stocks up on review books, the line to Starbucks is around the building, and Kleenex stock goes through the roof. Bird’s nest hair and wrinkled pajamas become all the rage. And nobody needs to use eyeshadow or mascara for a week—you wouldn’t want to cover up those lovely dark circles under your eyes, would you?

It’s finals week, and we’re loving it.

During finals week, we finally have the opportunity to show off how much we’ve learned (*cough* memorized) in the last four months. We get the chance to pretend that we’re capable of handling AP Honors Everything without degenerating into the tired, tear-stained teenagers we actually are.

It’s just like a strategy video game. Should we invest time in studying for a class that we have a 95 in? Or should we risk it and instead study to try and salvage all of our 89.4’s? It’s also a great opportunity to make a literary reference—to sleep or not to sleep? I wonder what the Fresh Prince of Denmark’s take on the issue would be… Whatever decision we make, it’s sure to lead us into a fun-filled and exciting week of caffeine overdoses and late-night cramming.

You know, we feel really bad for people who don’t have seventh and eighth periods. Instead of being able to hang out at school for an extra two hours with everyone else, they’re forced to waste their afternoons at home, asleep. Worst case scenario, they might even be forced to take advantage of the early out and socialize with close friends. What kind of life is that to lead? What kind of life, we ask you?

Of course, you might be dreading something else that comes at the end of Januarythe end of finals week itself. But don’t cry too hard when that last test is turned in and the sixth period bell has finally tolled. The best part about finals week is that—surprise—it happens again second semester! Isn’t that fantastic?! The only better time of the year might be May’s AP testing.

Unfortunately, before we can repeat the excitement, we have to survive semester break: four whole days without homework, tests or classes to prep for. What on earth will we do with ourselves during this dark void? Maybe we should get cracking on our spring semester final study guides with some of our plentiful extra time!