Double trouble on varsity soccer

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Sophomores Jacob and Tyler Trausch have been notable twins on Northwood’s boys soccer team since making it onto the varsity team in their freshman year with Tyler as left defender and Jacob as starting goalkeeper.

Starting at the age of 5 years old, the two have been an inseparable soccer duo, playing for the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) and continuing to participate at the club level in junior high.

“Soccer has always been a constant in our lives,” Tyler Trausch said. “We just grew up playing it especially since most of our family members and friends have played it since they were young.”

While this is the first year that they have been placed on different club teams outside of school, their team dynamic has always greatly contributed to their athletic performance.

“Having my brother on the team really pushes me to keep a better attitude on the field,”  Tyler Trausch said. “ It gives me the opportunity to play for both my team and my brother, which is a really cool thing to have that not many people experience.”

In fact, the two have demonstrated extreme dedication and passion towards soccer as their diligence has allowed them to excel in the sport.

“We spend at least two hours a day either working out or practicing,” Tyler Trausch said. “There’s always a thing in the back of your head that makes you doubt yourself, but if you want to be good at the sport, you have to go out of the way with persistent effort while constantly playing and constantly practicing. And I think my drive to become better helps us continuously work harder to play soccer.”

While both Trauschs’ are still young athletes, their drive for soccer has made them eager to continue their soccer career, hopefully aiming to take it into the collegiate level.

“College would be an amazing opportunity to become a better player in the future,” Jacob Trausch said. “It would be the perfect opportunity to work on my skills especially since the college level is so much more vigorous and challenging, and we are always up for a greater challenge.”