Don’t rain on my Homecoming: Storm delays game, queen crowning

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Lightning and heavy rains struck on Oct. 12, causing Northwood’s Homecoming game to be rescheduled to Oct. 13, the same day as the Homecoming dance.

“In my 30 to 40 years of coaching, this is the first time I’ve seen anything like this,” Northwood football coach Mike Stewart said. “We don’t usually get this weather, especially in the fall.”

Many supporters had to wait in heavy rain for 30 minutes before learning that the game was postponed due to the hazardous weather.

“We put in so much effort and we were excited, so the news was shocking,” cheerleader freshman Pauneez Abbasi said. “Some of the girls were crying, and most of the coaches were disappointed by the turn of events.”

In addition, Marching Band and Dance Theatre were unable to perform at halftime as planned, despite their extensive preparation.

“At the end of the day, it came down to a safety issue,” Northwood’s instrumental music and Marching Band director Ben Case said. “Student safety is absolutely the top priority. The right call had to be made.”

Despite the initial disappointment from the game being rescheduled, Northwood’s football team continued to practice, determined to win the game and eventually make it to CIF.

“The players are disappointed, but they understand that they have to remain focused, and we are planning to make it to the playoff hunt at CIF,” Coach Stewart said. “It’s a rivalry game that’s crucial for us to win.”

All their hard work paid off, as the team emerged victorious against the Portola Bulldogs with a score of 33-7.

Leading up to the game was a week of festivities with two pep rallies led by seniors Jyo Jain and Hevin Gil. With Hollywood-themed props adorning the campus, students were offered an eventful break from a stressful academic season.

“Planning Homecoming took a combined effort across hours of work, including props and logistics,” ASB vice president junior Shounok Ghosh said.

The final Homecoming rally concluded with an exhibition of short films based on famous movies and starring Homecoming Court seniors AJ Mackey, Nolan Kim, Matthew Kim, Hevin Gil and Max Lee, who was crowned Homecoming King at the end of the rally.

The Homecoming Queen, Sophia Howard, was crowned at the rescheduled game. Other nominees included Sachi Singh, Britney Zhang, Danielle Smith and Jenna Kung.

At the end of the week came the Homecoming dance which featured karaoke, table games, free-flow ice cream and a photo booth.

Many students remain conflicted over the new pushing rule, which will be sustained throughout the year, while others support the change it has brought.

“I love the new pushing rule,” junior Alex Ibasitas said. “There were less elbows in my face, and overall it was one of the best dances I’ve been to.”

Don’t feel bad if you missed out on this year’s Homecoming festivitiesstudents can look forward to Northwood’s upcoming Winter Formal, set to be held on Jan. 12.