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Recognizing extraordinary Timberwolf contributions

Northwood students were recognized for their leadership and service to the school at the Distinguished Timberwolves Ceremony on May 11 at the Oak.

“I feel extremely honored to have received these awards and they make me even happier to be able to give back to my wonderful school,” said junior Krishna Ravi, who received an award for his tutoring club and the Princeton Book Award. “It would not have been possible without the extremely supportive faculty and student body at Northwood.”

The ceremony itself offered a variety of different awards like the Mike Dunn Scholarship for Sports, the Air Force Academy and VAPA to honor 75 students for their specific contributions throughout the year. School advisors select the students based on the commitment and impacts of their achievements. Senior Vonnie Wei, the recipient of the Fine Arts Renaissance expressed her feelings upon receiving the award.

“It was such an privilege to be able to represent so many disciplines next to some of the most talented people at Northwood,” Wei said. “I didn’t think of the award as ‘ah, it finally paid off,’ but more like an opportunity to keep improving on the momentum Northwood has helped me develop.”

Performances by the Jazz II group started the night before introducing Roach to give an introductory speech. The ceremony itself first recognized scholarships and military commissions, followed by individual recognitions for groups like Yearbook, Science Olympiad and ASB. Each recipient was presented with a medal along with an additional gift depending on what award they received. Senior Anna Philipp described how she felt about her award for Computer Science.

“I felt very empowered and intelligent receiving the award because I felt as if all the long nights of codes that made barely any sense paid off,” Philipp said.

The Distinguished Timberwolves Ceremony wraps up awards at Northwood for the year, recognizing a final batch of students for their positive influence on the school.