Deborah Ehrlich: a master in the art of video production

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Since Northwood offers a plethora of activities for students to get involved in, it may be difficult sometimes to choose only a few. For junior Deborah Ehrlich, she found her calling in computer graphics and video productions when she got the chance to lead the State of the Student (SOS) promotions for NTV.

“My journey with video production has been a long time running,” Ehrlich said. “I started making videos in middle school for mini school projects. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough room in my schedule to get involved in the scene at Northwood until this year. I was taking other courses in painting and computer graphics.”

However, Ehrlich’s painting and computer graphics skills have still played a supportive role in producing SOS posters and the video.

“A lot of times when I was working on the State of the Student campaign, I drew on an actual sketchpad,” Ehrlich said. “Later, I would then scan the file onto my computer for Photoshop. I really wanted to keep a simple design so I went with a black and white aesthetic. As for the font, I wanted everything to be hand-drawn to make it feel as if a person made it, not a computer. ”

Through video productions and NTV, Ehrlich has developed a clearer view of where her interests lie in the future.

“I feel like video production is something that I will always be interested in,” Ehrlich said. “And at Northwood, I feel like it has provided me with an extremely positive and real experience within the field. We get access to and handle a lot of crazy equipment that might be used in pep rallies or at other big events. So it’s cool to know that I will always have opportunities to help out in something that is beyond myself.”

Ehrlich believes that her success wouldn’t have been possible without encouragement from her peers.

“It’s really fulfilling to know that you fit in with a group of other talented students who also share the same passion in pushing forward a project,” Ehrlich said. “It really highlights the familiar and comfortable environment of the program and what it represents for students.”

But what matters most to Ehrlich is making sure that she is always giving her best effort in every piece of work she makes.

“For example, when I was creating the promotions for State of the Student, I really wanted to create something that I would be proud of,” Ehrlich said. “For one of the animations promoting Francois, the drummer from ‘Young the Giant,’ I even got my dad to hold drumsticks on video so that I could trace each frame in photoshop to mimic the band’s art style. It turned out amazing.”

Ehrlich’s only regret is not joining the computer graphics and video productions program earlier.

“If you want to explore these fields at Northwood, start during your freshman year,” Ehrlich said. “Northwood has this amazing four-year class plan consisting of Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and 3-D. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to get into 3-D because this is only my second year. So I think people need to be aware of that and take advantage of it. These skills will definitely come in handy when working with video productions.”

After high school, Ehrlich hopes to continue her passions by majoring in computer graphics or video production.