Dancers flourish at Fallout X

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With finals and college app deadlines looming over the horizon, Northwood students took a break last week to celebrate their distinguished dance program as dancers stunned audiences at their annual fall dance concert, Fallout X, on Nov. 16 and Nov. 17.

“The thing that I love about Northwood’s dance shows are how engaged the audiences are. We try our best to put on a good show for everyone, and it feels good to receive positive feedback from our loved ones as well as our fellow students,” Dance Three member senior Charlotte Chia said.

Both Dance Theatre and Dance Three featured a diverse series of choreographed performances such as “Blue Haze,” “Standing Together,” “Empathy” and “Where the Heart Is.”

Fallout X featured a variety of dances from numerous styles, including a Chinese dance featuring live music, choreographed by Dance Theatre member senior Michelle Lin.

“Michelle’s dance really stood out to me,” Dance Theatre co-captain senior Maxine Xu said. “The live music accompaniment brought a new element to the dance, and the different style of movement made it really interesting to watch.”

The show also feature new approaches to live dance, best exemplified by a piece called “Respect,” choreographed by Dance Theatre member senior Crystal Leung, which was accompanied not by music but by a spoken word recording.  

“I really liked Crystal’s dance because it was a spoken word piece which is definitely different than what we typically do,” senior Jessica Shieh said. “It focused on the idea of imperfections, and how it’s important to embrace them.”

Fallout X was a perfect example of the innovative and hard-working spirit of Northwood’s Dance program.

“I feel like our dance program is shifting away from the typical dance concerts and experimenting a lot more,” Xu said. “This show we had a more diverse set of dance, which I think is proof of what’s to come in the future.”