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Coming and (van) Go(gh)ing to Art Club

Northwood’s Art Club is dedicated to promoting the visual arts at Northwood, providing a sanctuary and outlet for Northwood’s budding artists to hone their skills and expand their talents with their peers.

With meetings on even Mondays in Room 503, Art Club hosts thematic activities monthly, in addition to planning Night of the Arts with the Interdisciplinary Arts Council. At every meeting, Art Club members are greeted with a multitude of crafts related to the season or upcoming holidays, such as painting miniature pumpkins and decorating Christmas cookies.

“Art Club’s main mission is to  help spread art to students with any level of art experience through fun and engaging crafts,” Art Club co-president senior Shivani Kulkarni said.

Through their mission to spread love for art, Art Club has had resounding impact on the artistic community at Northwood. In Art Club, student artists can find a supportive outlet of friends where they can express themselves and improve their skills.

“Art Club has had a positive impact on the school because it brings those that love art together,” sophomore Lauren Kang said. “It forms a community of artists and gives those who love art a creative outlet to express themselves and have fun while making new friends, and we hope to impact the school by spreading our love for art.”

Art Club has also previously collaborated with many other clubs in order to further expand their outreach to the school and the community. Among these clubs was Environmental Club, where members collaborated to help students paint tote bags during lunch to reduce the usage of plastic bags.

With their passion for art and creative expression, Art Club is effectively a sanctuary for some of the most creative minds at Northwood. Without the artistic outlet Art Club provides, Northwood would be quite a few shades duller.

“I think that art has had great impacts on me for my entire life because it’s a really fun activity, and you’re able to get to know other people,” senior Ana Cortez said. “In Art Club, you can look at other people’s art, and it inspires your own creativity.”

Art Club continues to progress forward in promoting the expression of young artists through their events and meetings. The club is looking forward to their upcoming Fine Arts Week, held after spring break, where the school’s photographers, sculptors, painters, graphic designers and other artists will convene to celebrate their art.