Club feature: Halo Dance Club

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Graceful movements and powerful choreography at the “Halo Dance for Autism” proved that dance is not only a beautiful art form, but also a powerful communicator of emotions and ideas. Organized by Halo Dance Club, the Halo Dance Show on Feb. 16 united Northwood dancers with those across Orange County to raise awareness and funds for autism. Together, dancers raised $2,000 for families affected by autism.

“We organized the Halo show in hopes that the community become more informed and aware of the growing number of individuals affected by autism,” said senior Crystal Leung, president of Halo Dance Club.

The show featured a diverse collection of dance styles and choreographed performances, including the opening piece “I Got this Feeling” performed by Wolfpack students. Choreographed by Leung, the dance was both a challenging and inspiring experience.

“Although it was a lot of commitment as we had to meet up two or three times a week, it was definitely worth it,” Leung said. “They [Wolfpack students] were always so excited to practice and their love for dance and singing along reminded me of why I love to dance in the first place.”

Unique to the Halo Dance Show, talented dancers from Crean Lutheran, Woodbridge and Portola worked together with Northwood Dance to bring a distinct, refreshing show. Additionally, the showcase involved Northwood dancers from all dance levels, including Dance II.

“As my first real show, the Halo show was very exciting and fun,” junior Danielle Chou, a member of Dance II, said.

Raising a total of $2,000 from ticket sales and donations, “Halo Dance for Autism” show was a  major success for Halo Dance Club. Although the benefit show only lasted for two hours, it was a culmination of months of planning and hard work from club members.

“We started planning in the beginning of the school year, and there was a lot of club participation for the preparation of the show,” junior Rion Morita, events coordinator of Halo Dance Club, said. “I am really happy that our dedication and our hard work paid off.”

Students that enjoyed the Halo Dance Show can look forwards to the spring dance show “Dear Diary” on May 24‒25.

“The upcoming spring show is definitely going to be a great showcase of Northwood dance’s diversity and artistry,” said senior Maxine Xu, co-captain of Dance Theatre. “I think this show will connect to the audience on a more personal level, and I can definitely see the hard work that everyone is contributing inside and outside of class to make the show a success.”