Celebrate the day of love at the Vocal Valentine’s Concert

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If music is the food of love, then audience members will certainly get a treat tomorrow night as they enjoy the spirit of love and universal friendship at the Vocal Valentine’s Concert.

Instead of following the typical concert structure with each chorus performing repertoire after another, this unique concert will feature skit-based performances led by Chamber Singers centered around all types of love.

“The kids get a chance to act a little because it’s a fully scripted concert with funny banter, so we’ll have skits where we talk about love in all it’s different forms, like filial love, romantic love, friendship and brotherhood,” Choral Director Zach Halop said. “It’s a way to talk to our whole community, and I want to make sure that everyone feels the love out there, not just the boyfriends and the girlfriends.”

The performance will celebrate the special day of affection with a wide array of love songs, opening with a rendition of Queen’s “Somebody to Love,” performed by all six choruses before segueing into a skit accompanied by Concert Chorale’s performance of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.”

Following Concert Chorale will be Bel Canto performing “Mash Potato Love Poem” for the love of food, and later Bass Clef, performing “Sweet Caroline,” where the audience will be invited to sing along.

Treble Clef will be performing “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton, and Viva Cantar will be singing and dancing along to Meghan Trainor’s “Dear Future Husband,” dressed in unique poodle skirts that the choir members designed for themselves.

A quartet from Chamber Singers will sing “Goodbye My Coney Island Baby” before all of the Chamber Singers conclude the concert with the ballad, “Funny Valentine.”

“The concert has songs about love that are both humorous and touching, and it’ll show what love is to all sorts of age groups, whether it’s from the perspective of a couple growing old together or a young child,” sophomore Chamber Singer Joanna Zhang said.

To cap off the concert, audience members will receive complimentary chocolate-covered strawberries served by chorus members.

“I’m looking forward to the audience’s reaction to the event, and the performers seeing the audience’s reaction,” Halop said. “If you think the Pops Concert is funny and good, the Valentine’s Concert is going to blow you away.”