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Lettuce taco ’bout lunch

For as long as students have been going to school, they have been bringing along packed lunches. However, for many students, these monotonous lunches sadly consist of nothing more than a cold sandwich, fruit and, if lucky, a chocolate bar. Nonetheless, some students have elevated

Brain break: snacks near NHS

Everyday after school, students rush out of class and pile into their cars to drive to a local spot for a bite to eat. Here are some of the newest locations around town to have a cup of boba, or even just to hang out

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Upcoming October events

As we enter the season of scares, here are some important dates to keep in mind. NOW: Kick off the season the right way, and check out Tanaka Farm’s annual pumpkin patch from now until Oct. 28. Bring home a couple pumpkins and have a

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Humanities redesign

Northwood’s favorite two-year, four-class course is undergoing a curriculum overhaul as English and history teachers come together to redesign the Humanities Core. The new class structures, which have come into effect this year, include much more cross-curricular collaboration than just the anchor, with the Humanities

Back to the 80s: students rock and roll out at the BTS Dance

On the night of Aug. 31, the Northwood gymnasium was illuminated with disco lights and peppered with dancing students, their outfits ranging from reflective athletic wear to colorful headbands and light up sneakers. Held by Northwood ASB, the “Back to the ‘80s” themed annual Back