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Debunking myths about the theater renovation

Myth: the theater has been painted blue False. The theatre has not been painted. Everyone has spontaneously gone color blind over the summer. Myth: the theater’s curtains have been changed True. The curtains are going through a difficult time and have vowed to make a

Kicking off the football season

Capping off their summer practices and hard work with a win against Saddleback Valley High School, Northwood’s Varsity Football had a successful kick-off to their season on Friday, Aug. 17. The game ended with a score of 21-8, bringing smiles and tears of joy to

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Staying on track: new track and turf field

Northwood athletics are staying on track with new facilities, including a synthetic track and turf field that had been under construction from late spring to late summer. “I’m excited because synthetic tracks are so much nicer than dirt,” senior Maya Ratliff said. “Our dirt track

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Catching up on summer news

Even if school stops during the summer, the world doesn’t—so, whether you’ve been on the other side of the world, holed up in your room studying, or are frantically reading this before that AP Gov summer quiz (you know who you are), here are some

Theatre renovations

With a shiny new coat of paint and brand-new carpet, the Northwood Theatre feels like a completely different building. Initially, the plan was to renovate the carpet and curtains due to age over the summer, but Principal Leslie Roach and the district’s maintenance department were