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AotM: Yearbook EICs Angela Chung and Mansi Garneni

Imagine having a school project that requires an entire year to create and produce a product that people would want to hold onto for the rest of their lives. That’s the kind of pressure put onto the members of Yearbook. From the moment school began

Seniors blaze the competition at Clash of the Classes

Seniors won the “Avatar: The Last Airbender” themed Clash of the Classes, held from Jan. 11-17, where each class competed against each other in various activities such as dodgeball, trivia and a talent show. “The ultimate goal is to create class pride and unity,” Junior

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Yeehaw! NTV lassoes awards at OCFF

Northwood students emerged victorious from the 16th Orange County Film Festival on Jan 4, an annual convention for local young filmmakers and performers to showcase their cinematic creations with seniors Kylia LaMure, Danielle Smith and Jennifer Lin winning in the categories for Best Short Film,

Amnesty hosts Human Rights Week

Amnesty International club hosted its annual Human Rights Week from Jan. 8-11 with a series of presentations from various human rights activists and organizations on major current issues, ranging from immigration to gender studies. Speakers included Courtney Glazer-Mapfumo and Erika Bertelsen from the University of