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An in-Seine night of dancing in the City of Lights

As the sun set over the City of Love, the bustle of the city night life emerged, revealing its picturesque skylines, quaint cafes and of course, Northwood’s annual Winter Formal dance, encapsulating this year’s theme “A Night in Paris” on Saturday, Jan. 12 at the

5, 4, 3, 2, 1: reverse procrastination comes to AP registration

The hardest part of an Irvine student’s life, besides social interaction and maintaining high marks, is the Advanced Placement test season. The student’s full year of rigorous studying, all-nighters and ripped hair culminates in one last exam (or as history teacher Bryan Hoang would call

Coach Tim O’ Brien never stops tryin’

Basketball and golf coach, former health teacher and father, Tim O’Brien has had his share of life-defining challenges. In 2002, he endured an aorta aneurysm where he had six inches of his descending aorta replaced (a surgery that came with a 90% mortality rate). Only

Beware! Senioritis is here

More infectious than the plague, deadlier than Ebola and more likely to invade a local Chipotle than E. coli, Senioritis is a disease that will stop at nothing until every high school senior is left as a lifeless blob of family disappointment. With the end

Tutor Center: teach, learn, improve

For students looking for guidance and support with completing difficult classwork or homework, Northwood’s Tutor Center provides them with the tips, tricks and study habits they need to be successful in every class offered. Overseen by history teacher Logan Sewell and math teacher Sarah Ormes,